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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tis the season - Shopping list for the new homeowner

Tis the season - Shopping list for the new homeowner 

The Holidays are the perfect time to purchase gifts new homeowners can use to maintain and personalize their new home.
Every home needs care, maintenance, and repair work done. Most new homeowners do not have the tools they will need and the same applies to some homeowners that have owned the home for a while. Homeowners are not equal in repair, and maintenance skills. 

First, know your limits if you attack a repair that is to far over your head, the repair to the repairs you have done will be more expensive. If you are over your head call a professional to make the repair. There is a tremendous library of information available to you on the internet, books, magazines, and television shows, to show you how to on most repairs... Although most repairs can be done by the homeowner, they have to be done right! Tools are the first step in doing a good job. Without them, the job will be frustrating, and it probably will not be completed or it will be a hurried disrepair job.

Here is a list of tools that most homeowners should have. Many other tools that are useful these can be purchased as the job at hand indicates. Get what you need and need what you get is a great rule. Of course there are some tools you, will have to have, GOLF CLUBS, AND FISHING RODS! These are essential to your personal maintenance!

Interior Tools:Set of socket wrenches, Set of screwdrivers Phillips and pan head various sizes, Set of open end wrenches, Set of Hex wrenches, Hand saw for wood, Hack saw for metal, Stud finder, Voltage tester, Flashlights, Pluming snake, Needle nose pliers, Gas pliers several sizes, Putty/drywall knifes, Circular saw, Framing square, Caulking gun, 2 Pry bars, a small 6” and a medium 12”, 2 foot and 4-foot level, Small claw hammer, Standard claw hammer, Rubber mallet, Cordless and/or power drill, Pipe wrench 2 sizes, Measuring tape 25’ , Set of drill bits, Staple gun, Paint brushes various sizes, Paint rollers and pan, Painting drop cloth, Belt sander, Saw horses, Work bench and vice
Exterior tools:Lawn mower, Fertilizer/seed spreader, Rakes for leafs, Lawn trimmer, Thatch Rake for lawn, Hoses 5/8 Diameter, Pruning shears, Wheelbarrow, Flat shovel, Sprinklers, Spade shovel, Leaf blower, Pruning saw, Garden rake, Pruning scissors, Brooms, Dust pan with small broom, Snow shovels, Stepladder, Extension ladder, Plastic tarps

You need to decide how involved you want to become with your home maintenance tasks.  There is no shame in not doing repairs yourself and hiring a contractor.There is shame if you know a repair needs to be done and do not do it yourself or hire a contractor. Ignoring a repair will not make it go away it will make it more expensive when the repair is done. If there is a problem do not wait fix it right away!
holiday gift ideas for a new homeowner

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